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Every year, ACT-IEF generously funds ten million pesos worth of scholarship grants, as follows:

A student who pays in full the total assessed fees on or before the second week of classes enjoys a ten percent (10%) discount on tuition

Each enrolled sibling enjoys five hundred (P500.00) peso - discount on the tuition.

Children and spouses of fulltime employees will each enjoy fifty percent (50%) discount on all assessed fees in all programs

Employees enjoy one hundred percent (100%) discount on all assessed fees. However, such employee shall pay the corresponding charges in the assessment should he drop or fail in the enrolled subject

Entrance Scholars who have never been enrolled in college enjoy discount on tuition as follows:

Founder Scholarship

Every Year, ACT and BASF ward 500 full and partial scholarship grants to deserving high school graduates who qualify in the scholarship exams.
100%, 50% & 25% discounts on tuition

Presidential Scholarship

Every ACT student is awarded outright cash grants as tuition P2,000.00 tuition discount for early enrolment.

ACT-Cebu City Government Scholarship

P10,000.00 tuition subsidy every semester

Alumni Scholarship

P50% discount for graduates of 2-yr course who will proceed to Baccalaureate program

Non-Academic Scholarship

100% discount in all fees plus allowance

The School President may grant other forms of scholarship at his discretion.

Application for discounts should be filed within the early enrolment period of each semester which is usually in March for the 1st semester and in October for the 2nd semester. Otherwise, the right to such discount shall be considered waived.