College of Business Management


The College of Business and Management is the center for development of innoventive and ethical business leaders who create value for their organizations and the community.


To develop leaders in business, hospitality and tourism through innovative academic programs, relevant research, and strong industry and community partnership.


The College of Business and Management through its business a, hospitality, and tourism programs seeks to attain the following goals:

  1. Provide contemporary and innovative programs that develop culturally and technologically adaptive entrepreneurs, corporate professionals, and service providers
  2. Offer excellent training programs that develop creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship for socially-responsive future hoteliers and restaurateurs in the field of hospitality
  3. Establish skill-centered programs and services that enhance the competency of tourism practitioners/professionals for sustainable socio-economic, cultural development, environmental conservation and resource stewardship in both local and global communities
Programs Offered
Bachelor of Science in Tourism Management 4 years
Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management 4 years
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration 4 years
  • Major in:
  • - Financial Management
  • - Marketing Management
  • - Operations Management